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Our primary objective is to build a thriving community biolab in Northwest Austin where scientists, artists, engineers and entrepreneurs can work together to create meaningful, impactful contributions to science and technology


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About Us

Prophase Biostudios is a 501(c)3 non-profit community biotechnology laboratory based out of Austin, TX since 2016. OUR MISSION: Decentralizing biotech through collaboration. You may be familiar with large number of communities and co-working spaces around the world dedicated to the usual kinds of “tech” (software, robotics, AI, etc.). Biology has recently become a technology just as amenable to rapid development of entrepreneurship by individuals as computers were 20 years ago. What once required large amounts of money and the support of large laboratories is now much more accessible. We are building collaborative laboratory spaces where studies in microbiology, molecular biology, plants, fungi, invertebrates and bioinformatics can finally be conducted in a financially and socially accessible environment. Our biostudios will cultivate innovation in the biological sciences and foster exploration of bio-curiosity. Our members will use the skills and knowledge gained at Prophase Biostudios to spawn original applications of science and biotechnology. We are a membership of shared equipment, space, ideas and connections working together to make the next technological revolution happen right here in Austin, and we aim to become a model for how to do this in other cities around the world. In true biological fashion, we want to make a self-sufficient organism/organization that can replicate and spur the evolution of better and better biological entrepreneurship. Come be a part of the next technological revolution!

The Biostudios

We currently operate two biostudios at our North Austin location, a coworking space designed for our Social Scientist members, and a BSL1 biology laboratory accessible to Lab Rats and Professional members.

Social Scientist Studio

The coworking space offers a professional office environment for Social Scientists to study, collaborate, write, research and connect with other members.

Lab Rat Studio

Our laboratory is a BSL1 wet lab with workbenches, sinks, and general supplies and reagents.

Business Studios

Several of our members have private businesses and have biostudios in the lab.

Outdoor Garden

Behind our laboratory is a large space with ample room for gardening and experimental agriculture projects.


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