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March Research & Strategy Update

New Alliances:

  • Machiavelli met with mycological activist and steward of the Earth, Daniel Reyes of MycoAlliance and EcologyAction. After working on numerous oil spill cleanup operations around the United States, Daniel flew to Ecuador to work on cleaning up the tragic 1964 Chevron oil spill today known as the Chernobyl of the Amazon where thousands of indigenous tribespeople were poisoned and forced off of their sacred lands and still today Chevron has done nothing to clean up the mess. He is a scientist with purpose and we are pleased to collaborate. His current work includes fungal bioremediation research at Circle Acres, an EPA-designated brownfield site (at-risk land) where one of Austin’s first dumps is located and much of downtown Austin’s stormwater runoff still drains into.
  • Machiavelli met with Schonna Manning, phycological powerhouse and Director of Research for UT Austin. A strategic partnership may be brewing between OpenAlgae, Algaeternal, UTEX, UT Austin, Prophase Biostudios, and Global Healing Center. More on this later.
  • Permaculture enthusiasts from Ant Village in Montana came to visit the Prophase lab. Machiavelli and Sarah will be living with them for two months at the end of summer working on finding solutions to the problems of living off-the-grid. Check out Permies.com to find out more.

New Board Member Elections:

Prophase Biostudios is 1 year old and it is time for new board member elections! All 2016 Prophase members are invited to vote and run for office for the following positions: Chairman, Vice President, Treasurer.

New Construction:
Prophase Biostudios is moving into ATX Hackerspace and new construction will occur at the end of March to build what will be our new lab for the foreseeable future. Please come help us! Volunteers needed for this critical transformation in our being.

New Media:

Prophase Biostudios is featured in the conclusion of a new bestselling book by Mark O’Connell, writer for Slate and The New Yorker. The book was published by DoubleDay/Random House on February 28, 2017 and is titled To Be a Machine: Adventures Among Cyborgs, Utopians, Hackers, and the Futurists Solving the Modest Problem of Death. It is a bestseller and can be found at Amazon.com and bookstores near you. The final chapter and conclusion of the book depicts the author’s transformative (and hilarious) experience going to and leaving our first party at The Tinderbox in October 2015, for Presidential Candidate, Zoltan Istvan. By using Amazon Smile, 1% of your purchase price goes to Prophase Biostudios as a tax-deductible donation.

New Projects

Erica’s Plastic Eating Mushroom Supercompost

Erica Anthony, who is a science and math tutor, musician and formerly worked with Food and Water Watch was able to revive the cultures of P. microspora (originally derived from the Ecuadorian Amazon) and get them growing in new liquid media jars in the Prophase incubator. We also grew two gallons of EM-1 starter culture using a formula of molasses, kelp, and de-chlorinated tap water. It’s very powerful stuff. Here’s a word from Erica on the project:

“We started Phase 2 of the plastic composting mushroom project.  This phase includes incorporating EM-1, a special blend of three probiotics that is beneficial for making flawless compost and improving gut flora, so that a variety of materials can be composted together without having to separate them. We are expanding our knowledge of how EM-1 multiplies and interacts with compostable materials and will soon understand how it can co-exist with p. microspora.”

The goal is to create an integrated process that a home user or a city could reasonably establish to safely compost plastic with food waste and to write a viability report about scaling that process up to working at City of Austin scale.

Eduardo’s Best Kratom Chocolate Bars

Eduardo, a biology student at UT is creating chocolate bars that include the newly popular, sacred medicinal plant from Thailand known as kratom. Here’s a word from Eduardo:

“Working out of Prophase Biostudios, in the month of February we made great strides towards the full-fledged production of Kratom chocolates. Making a creative pivot from e-liquid, we decided chocolate would be a route of administration for Kratom that everyone, not just e-cig users, can partake in. After initial testing, our Kratom chocolate formula was found effective by a diverse focus group. Striving for excellence, Mach directed research towards producing an unmatched flavor for the chocolate and using cocoa butter to evenly distribute the Kratom throughout the chocolate for a consistent and smooth texture. The Kratom chocolates are predicted to be available in an experimental trial run in stores and vending machines at the end of March. It is our expectation that Kratom chocolates help people find focus and safe relief from pain wrapped in a delicious chocolate experience. Thanks for Reading.”

Lila’s “Farmbot” / STEM Maker

Lila builds the Farmbot with her Dad at Anderson High School, Feb 2017

Lila is a junior at Anderson High School and a Girl Scout who was inspired by the success of Farmbot founder Rory Aronson in designing a first generation, open-source automated CNC-based farming robot. With the sponsorship of Prophase Biostudios, help from her parents, a generous contribution from the Boy Scouts, and the guidance of her high school engineering design teacher, John Sperry, Lila created her own Farmbot design, raised $1500 during the month of February, and began construction.

Here’s a word from Lila:

“Awhile back we came up with the name STEM Maker since it will sort of be our own version. Also, thank you very much for your involvement and commitment on the project. I could definitely not do this without you!

This Month, the STEM Maker (inspired by FarmBot) project has really taken off! The STEM Maker is a unique system based off of the design of a 3D printer. It uses X, Y, and Z axes to seed, water, and weed a garden bed. Our design of the bed makes the garden portable for display around the Anderson High School in order to share it with other classes and programs. The garden bed building process is nearing completion and the 3D prints are underway. After this, the focus will shift to the technical design of the robot. We are very excited for this project and for sharing it with the community!”

To donate to Lila’s project please see her GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/gold-award-farmbot

Mike Kiamanesh, CEO and Founder of Human Half-Cell

“In the month of February we applied an electron donation patch to a bald man’s head and saw some promising initial results in regards to new hair growth. We spent the rest of the month developing out a more suited delivery mechanism and setting up for proper round of testing. We also made significant progress in developing out our custom coated well plates to run experiments on nemotodes showing how electron donation therapy can possibly protect or mitigate against the effects of paraquat, a very toxic poison. We expect to complete at least the initial round of tests in early March. Experiments where also done showing how the electron donation what penetrating the skin of the wearer and not just carrying on the skin. This was done using an insulating coating of oil on the skin in a ring with a acupuncture needle in the middle that was able to get readings when penetrated.”

Machiavelli’s Night Vision Eyedrops

“Our partnership with a series of laboratories and clinics in North Carolina is going ok. I recently chatted with Cassox on research and development. We need to calibrate the spectrophotometer using methanol and test the effects of autoclaving and freezing on chlorin e6, and its solubility adjusted for pHs.”

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