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Official Statement Regarding Recent Viral Media

Prophase Biostudios (a 501(c)3 registered in the state of Texas) is not, has never been, and has no intention or desire in the future of being officially affiliated or connected with Ascendance Biomedical.

Machiavelli Davis has carried out activities as a contractor for Ascendance Biomedical on his own volition without the support or approval of Prophase Biostudios or any of its officers or board members. He was in no way acting in official capacity as Chairman, board member, or officer of Prophase Biostudios by contracting with an outside organization.

All research and development activities in gene therapy have only been intended for process design and not human experimentation or self-administration. No gene therapy products produced at Prophase have ever been used in human experimentation or self-administration.

There has been no intended relationship between Prophase Biostudios and Ascendance Biomedical in business, research, asset exchange, employees, or in all media.

The Prophase Biostudios board agrees unanimously for this statement to be signed and for this statement to be put on the homepage of the Prophase website.

Unanimous decision of the board: Feb 6, 2017

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