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There are many ways to help support Prophase Biostudios with a donation at any level. Your contribution will help fund projects, pay for materials and reagents, and help maintain the biostudios. As a nonprofit organization, we depend on our members and charitable supporters to help provide you with a thriving community of biotech educators, entrepreneurs, and independent consultants.


The easiest way to donate is by clicking the button below to send us a one-time payment through PayPal, or set up a recurring payment to support us throughout the year.


Donate to Prophase Biostudios through Venmo by sending a payment to prophasebiostudios@gmail.com, or click here.

Amazon Smile

When you use Amazon Smile to purchase things you were already going to buy, Amazon will donate 1% of your total purchase price to Prophase Biostudios. Just shop using smile.amazon.com. It’s easy, painless and doesn’t cost you a thing!


You can also send us bitcoin using the following QR code:

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Feel free to mail us cash or a check to the following address:

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