9701 Dessau Rd, Ste 304, Austin, TX 78754

Our Team


  • Machiavelli Davis – Chairperson
  • Michael Kiamanesh – President
  • Blake Rolland – Vice President
  • Adrian Lara – Secretary
  • Jacob Ashton – Treasurer


MachiavelliDavisMachiavelli Davis Hacker, entrepreneur, mentor.
Early stage player at some of Austin’s most infamous start-ups.

“I have a need to elegantly solve global problems.”

Michael Kiamanesh
Founder of Heliopatch.com, Human Half-Cell and Co-Founder of Kural Corp. Passion is life extension.

“The key to success is surrounding yourself with smart people.”

Blake Rolland
Artist, scientist, microbiologist.

“I believe myself to possess a most singular combination of qualities exactly fitted to make me preeminently a discoverer of the hidden realities of nature. The believe has been forced upon me, and most slow have I been to admit it even.”
–Ada Lovelace

Adrian Lara
Molecular biologist, lifelong learner and a connector of people.

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is more people that have come alive.”
–Howard Thurman

Jacob Ashton
Technical consultant at a higher-ed software company. Jacob is dedicated to supporting innovation in biomedical science and information technology.

“I’m passionate about biomedical science, space exploration and the software and technology needed to propel us toward the sustainable and exciting future we all want and need.”

Eric Cuellar
Microbiologist with a passion for the laboratory, an insatiable thirst for knowledge and a fascination with microbes impact on the world at large.
Jason Avent
Inventor and electrochemist.

“I never met a science I didn’t like. I have a BS in Genetics from A&M and many years in the Botany Ph.D. program at University of Texas. I have invented and patented several technologies that improve the quality and length of the human healthspan.”