9701 Dessau Rd, Ste 304, Austin, TX 78754


Community Biolab

Lab wide

Our primary objective is to build a thriving community biolab in Northwest Austin where scientists, artists, engineers and entrepreneurs can work together to create meaningful, impactful contributions to science and technology.

  • Our co-working space provides a library of information, scientific expertise, professional connections and constant social collaboration in a comfortable office environment.
  • The biolab is a BSL-1 workspace equipped with benches, cabinets, sinks, hoods and a huge collection of equipment, reagents, supplies and tools. We are constantly adding (and biohacking!) new equipment and discovering new and more efficient ways of exploring and exploiting Outside event areabiotechnology.
  • Our outdoor gardening area allows plant enthusiasts to experiment with aquaponics, hydroponics, mushrooms, and more.





Extended Biolab Network

Prophase Biostudios collaborates with other community biolabs across the country and around the globe to continue building momentum for this exciting new technological revolution.



Every one of our members is passionate about science and technology and is working hard to create affordable equipment, redefine laboratory techniques and uncover, document and publish exciting new scientific discoveries. We have four Community Focal Directives (CFDs) to organize our research, projects and education:

  • Evolution
  • Foundation
  • Biodesign
  • Optimal Health





We offer a wide range of classes, workshops and demonstrations covering multiple interests including introductory lab procedures, hydroponics, fermentation, 3D printing, and much more.



Community Outreach

We work with local businesses, schools and other organizations to promote, support and advance biological science and inspire creativity and entrepreneurship in students, graduates and professionals alike.

Corporate Partnership

Prophase Biostudios constantly seeks new ways to combine forces and collaborate with other innovative organizations in Austin and beyond to accelerate and decentralize biotechnology.