9701 Dessau Rd, Ste 304, Austin, TX 78754

The Biostudios

We currently operate two biostudios at our North Austin location, a coworking space designed for our Social Scientist members, and a BSL1 biology laboratory accessible to Lab Rats and Professional members.

Social Scientist Studio

The coworking space offers a professional office environment for Social Scientists to study, collaborate, write, research and connect with other members. We have comfortable office chairs, free WiFi internet access, and textbooks and non-fiction literature to read or borrow.



The room also has a TV and digital projector and screen and can be converted to use for classroom sessions, demonstrations and workshops. Please contact a director of Prophase Biostudios if you are interested in scheduling a presentation or meeting in our coworking space.

 Lab Rat Studio

Our laboratory is a BSL1 wet lab with workbenches, sinks, and general supplies and reagents. We currently have plenty of supplies for conducting basic laboratory analysis, including PCR and electrophoresis, as well as a corner of the room dedicated to fermentation and bioreactors. We also have an operating laminar flow hood.

There are plenty of cabinets to store communal supplies, equipment and reagents – contact a director of Prophase Biostudios if you are interested in dedicated storage for your personal projects.